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Learn Aikido

Join us to learn this non-competitive martial art that uses the opponent's strength against them.

Our Journey So Far

Our Journey So Far

We started the club in May 2013 with the main aim to ensure that everyone is always welcome to join and train with us in a friendly environment.

Since then, we've had people of all ages training with us. We've also had guest instructors coming to teach from all over the country and different organisations, including UK Aikikai (UKA), British Aikikai (BA), British Birankai (BB) and British Aikdo Federation (BAF).

Some of them include:

  • Gordon Jones Shihan 7th dan
  • Philip Smith Shihan 7th dan
  • Eddie McCalla Shihan 6th dan
  • Mark Machin sensei
  • Ian Grubb sensei
  • Iain Cooper sensei
  • Asia Thompson sensei
  • Andy Thomson sensei

Leicester Aikikai ( レスター 合気会 ) holds a full membership affiliation to United Kingdom Aikikai (UKA) which is part of the Joint Aikikai Council (JAC); all our kyu grades are recognised nationally and the dan grades internationally.

We teach traditional aikido (aikikai).


The Instructor

Antonios Pavlakis holds a fourth degree black belt - 4th dan - (yondan so-Hombu Fukushidoin 副指導員) and is the chief instructor at the Leicester Aikikai dojo.

He started aikido in 1997 at the De Montfort University Aikido Club in Leicester under the instruction of Dave Lenton sensei (4th dan).

In 2009, when Adoni received his teaching qualifications he became an assistant instructor at the DMU Aikido club and in May 2013 he started Leicester Aikikai dojo - レスター 合気道 道場.


  1. Aikido Beginner's Course 2023

    Start aikido with a 3-month beginner's course.

    From September 15th 2023 to December 15th 2023 we will be running our beginner's course.

    Join us to work on co-ordination, self-improvement and body conditioning. Learn how to fall, how to defend yourself and much more.

    For more information and to book, click here.

    Aylestone Leisure Centre, 2 Knighton Lane East, Leicester, LE2 6LU
    Adults (waged) - £60
    Adults (concession) - £45
  2. Dojo 10th year anniversary course

    Join us on June 11th 2023 for the 10th year anniversary course.
    • Ian Grubb 6th dan Shidoin
    • Terry Mickowski 4th dan Fukushidoin
    • Iain Cooper 3rd dan Fukushidoin
    • Antonis Pavlakis 3rd dan Fukushidoin
    Aylestone Leisure Centre, 2 Knighton Lane East, Leicester, LE2 6LU
    Adults - £15
    Under 18's - £8
    Concession - £12
    Kids 12 and under go FREE (Only available to dojo members)

Location and Times

Class Times

Fridays at 7:00pm - 9:00pm

We practice at

Aylestone Leisure Centre

2 Knighton Lane East, Leicester, LE2 6LU

Getting here

Car: Use the above address. Free parking at the leisure centre.

Bus: The "Aylestone Leisure Centre" bus stop is just 2 minutes away.


The initial cost is for the annual membership with the UK Aikikai (UKA) organisation which also includes insurance.
  • Adult (waged) £32.00
  • Adult (concession/unemployed) £25.00
  • Under 18s* £18.00

For the monthy costs, see below:

Under 18s
£15.00 / month
(or £4.00 per session)
Adults (waged)
£25.00 / month
(or £8.00 per session)
Adults (concession)
£20.00 / month
(or £6.00 per session)

Give it a go.

Come down on a Friday night to give it a go. First class is FREE.